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19 March - Saint Joseph 
According to tradition, a bonfire in the area of the Verde river illuminates the valley during the night of March, 19th.

21 March - The trees festival (Festa dell'albero)

Primary and lower secondary school students from Fara San Martino plant new trees to create green areas within the township. The event marks the end of a learning module on the environment which is taught at the school.   


 6th Sunday after Easter – The Holy Trinity

After the Mass, a procession twists and turns throughout the streets of the “Quarto da piedi” district. A foot race and evening concerts are organized in the same day.

June/September - Gran fondo Città di Fara San Martino – Memorial Levino Tavani

Amateur cycling race at the national level (part of the "Circuito del Sole" competition). Cyclists can enjoy the most wonderful landscapes of the Verde and Aventino valleys, which range from the mighty rocks of the Majella mountain to the luxuriant vegetation on the shores of the two rivers. Two courses are available: a short one of 106 km and a long one of 133 km. Both allow participants to cycle in the midst of the peaceful nature of the Majella National Park, far away from the hustle and bustle of big cities.

29 June – Saint Peter

The Mess is celebrated in the small Church for S. Peter in the Fara old town. A local fair extends throughout the town and, not so long ago, Faresi used to have lunch on the shores of the Verde river.


July and August – Summertime Events at Fara San Martino
The municipality of Fara San Martino puts together a calendar of events to liven up the summer evenings of the town from the second half of July until end of August. The calendar varies every year and has lots of different events. One can enjoy the many neighboroud festivals, free concerts, open air cinema and the "settimana farese" (the "Fara week") with its unique fireworks in the gorges of San Martino closing the season.

2 July – Mess at the Madonna dell'Oliveto

At sunrise, many faithfuls worship to the small church of the “Madonna dell’Oliveto”, which is located at the very foot of the Majella. As the church is too small, the worship often occurs outside, making the event even more picturesque.

1st Sunday of July – Val Serviera hiking ("Marcia ecologica di Val Serviera")

The purpose of this group hiking is to safely enjoy the stunning landscapes of the Natural Reserve of Fara, which is nowadays part of the Majella National Park. The itinerary of 15 Km ends at the springs of the Verde river, where participants can taste local food while listening to live music. At night, the organizers walk down the mountain with torches, creating a fascinating fire strip in the dark night. 

1st weekend of august – Gole & Sapori

This has become a key event of the summer in Fara. It aims to showcase the culinary and cultural "jewels" of town. Visitors can sample the local cuisine finely cooked by restaurants and association from the town while attending concerts and other artistic performances. 


23-24-25 august- Celebrations of Saints Emidio, Antonio da Padova and Rocco

These three-day celebrations are the highlight of the summer season in Fara and part of a whole week of parties and festivals (the "settimana farese"). Concerts, art exhibitions, sport tournaments and traditional games are on the menu. The "opening" and "closing" fireworks mark the beginning and the end of the festivals. The closing fireworks, which take place during the night of August, 25th in front of the gorges of San Martino, are a breathtaking show that attracts hundreds of tourists every year.

11 november – Saint Martin Martino Fair and Festival of roast chestnuts

The Saint Martin fair used to serve as an important commercial event where "faresi" and people from towns nearby could buy tools for the harvest, cattle and store up for the winter. Furthermore, visitors routinely bought chestnuts to be roasted and tasted together with a glass of good new wine. Today, the Festival of roast chestnuts in the evening of Saint Martin's day aims to relive this tradition.

25 december – Christmas Concert at the Church of “S. Maria delle Grazie” 

28 december – The Nativity Play

A picturesque path leads the Holy Family to a natural cave near the gorges of San Martino. Here the youngest boy from Fara (as the Infant Jesus) and his parents (as Mary and Joseph) play the Nativity. Visitors can go through the paths of this staged Nativity scene, with actors playing old daily life situations and performing traditional trades. These scenes are played using original old tools that are typical of the local habits. People can appreciate this old tradition also throughout the year at the new museum "Macaronium". More specifically, the museum takes you through the customs and traditions that are related to the production of pasta in Fara and its ancient origin.

In the surrounding area

Each town nearby Fara has its own calendar of events, festivals, concerts and exhibitions. The Portale del SangroAventino provides useful information on the what’s going on in the area.

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Civitella Messer Raimondo
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