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Fara San Martino

Fara San Martino

Fara San Martino is located at the foot of the Eastern part of the Majella range. The town serves as a natural gate to the Majella National Park thanks to its position at the beginning of the grandiose Santo Spirito valley, which extends through the impressive gorges of San Martino and leads to Monte Amaro, the peak of the Majella range.
The area of Fara San Martino offers some stunning natural spots such as the gorges of San Martino, a narrow strait that was created by the erosion of existing rocks.
The Verde river flows from the mountains and reaches Fara forming waterfalls and small basins where the water takes on its distinguishing green color. People can have lunch and barbeques in the picnic area on the shores of the river.
The mountains surrounding Fara San Martino are plenty of different plants and offer an important habitat for many rare animal species. The tourist centre and “museo naturalistico” in Fara provide leaflets, maps of hiking trails and guides, and organizes seminars and guided tours that allow to discover the natural heritage of Fara.
The historical origins of Fara San Martino dates back to the “Longobardi” period. The architectural and artistic features of these origins can be still observed in the portals, arches, stone façades and balconies, alleys and small squares of the “Terra Vecchia” district. “Terra Vecchia” can be accessed through the “Porta del Sole”, a historic gate with an elegant fresco that was erected during the Eighteenth century.
The remains of the Benedictine Monastery of “San Martino in Valle” provide another extraordinary piece of “Farese” history and can be found once passed the gorges of San Martino. The monastery, which dates back to approximately the end of the Eighth century, was nestled in the mountain and buried by a series of ruinous floods. While archaeological excavations to bring it back on the surface are still ongoing, one can already marvel at the remains of its main entrance, courtyard, guestrooms, chapel, the majestic colonnade, the church made of medieval ashlar masonry, altars and finely decorated low reliefs. 

With its invaluable natural and historical heritage, Fara San Martino is a proud member of the Association "Borghi Autentici d'Italia".

The Majella National Park

Fara San Martino is in the heart of the Majella National Park. The Park extends throughout the area surrounding the Majella range and is endowed with amazing landscapes and charming old villages. Immense plateaux and jagged canyons mark the Majella range, which reaches the second highest peak of the entire Apennine range with Monte Amaro at 2,793 m – one can hike up to Monte Amaro from Fara San Martino.
As for the surroundings of Fara, the caves of the Grotte del Cavallone a Taranta Peligna are a must-see. 

These allow to discover an "underground" world made of stalactites and stalagmites that run on for one km. In Lama dei Peligni, only 10 km far from Fara, one can visit the archeological and naturalistic museum of "M. Locati" as well as the sanctuary of the Abruzzo Chamois. The sanctuary of the "Madonna dell'Altare" in Palena is another major attraction. It is located on a cliff at 1,300 m and had served as hermitage for Pietro da Morrone, who after became Pope Celestine V. Finally, the newly established River Park Acque Vive in Taranta Peligna and the peaceful landscape of the Sant'Angelo lake in Casoli are other places near Fara that are worth visiting.
In short, Fara and its surroundings form an area full of history and nature that needs to be explored. The locals, with their niceness and hospitality, will then make your visit even more special!

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Civitella Messer Raimondo
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Fara San Martino

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